ADDED ON: 05/31/2019

China seen by LGBT+ groups as years away from same-sex marriage

05/30/2019 | Reuters

China is at least a decade away from allowing same-sex marriages with the current priorities on introducing anti-discrimination laws, letting LGBT+ groups raise awareness without fear, and banning conversion therapy, LGBT+ campaigners said on Thursday. Taiwan’s parliament this month legalised same-sex marriage and more than 360 gay couples married on May 24 after years of debate over marriage equality that has divided the self-ruled and democratic island. But China, which claims Taiwan as its own sacred territory and has a thriving gay scene in major cities, on Wednesday said that it would not follow Taiwan’s example. Hu Zhijun, executive director of LGBT+ advocacy PFLAG China in Guangzhou, said this came as no surprise as he did not expect China to back same-sex marriage during the next decade.


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