ADDED ON: 02/29/2020

Chechen exile survives suspected assassination attempt after fighting off attacker

02/28/2020 | ABC News

A prominent Chechen blogger and critic of the region’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov has survived a suspected assassination attempt after fighting off a man he said attacked him in his apartment in Poland. Tumso Abdurakhmanov posted a video on Wednesday night showing himself looking shaken and standing over a man on the floor of the apartment lying in a pool of blood. Abdurakhmanov, who is breathing hard, asks the man, “Who sent you?” and then shows a hammer which he says the man tried to kill him with. The man replies he came “from Moscow” and that “they have my mother,” possibly implying he may have been compelled to undertake the attack. The Sweden-based Chechen rights group, Vayfond, described the incident in a statement Wednesday as an “assassination attempt.” It said that the man had broken into the apartment intending to bludgeon Abdurakhmanov while he slept, but that he had woken up and fought off the attacker before calling the police.


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