Cayman Islands fail to pass domestic partnership, making full marriage equality more likely


The Cayman Islands have failed to pass a Domestic Partnership Bill – but that makes full marriage equality more likely. As GSN reported last week, the Domestic Partnership Bill fell a long way short of same-sex marriage. It only offered basic next of kin rights to partners who register. However, even that proved too much for some politicians fearful of upsetting conservative voters on the Caribbean islands. In the end, the island’s Legislative Assembly member voted nine to eight against the bill. All but one opposition assembly member voted against. Moreover, two cabinet members voted with the opposition, rather than supporting Premier Alden McLaughlin’s proposals. But that may be a big tactical mistake by those who oppose LGBT+ equality. The Cayman Islands ban on same-sex marriage breaches its constitution and court rulings. Moreover, the islands are a British Overseas Territory. As a result, the UK government may now choose to resolve the constitutional breach by ordering marriage equality. Indeed, Premier McLaughlin has already predicted the UK will impose full marriage equality within 30 days.

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