ADDED ON: 05/19/2023

Brutal assault caught on video exposes ‘increasingly unsafe’ Ireland for LGBTQ+ youth

05/18/2023 | EuroNews

Video of a brutal attack on a schoolboy in Ireland, which went viral on social media, has exposed the “increasingly unsafe” situation for LGBTQ+ young people in the country. The video, which police have asked Euronews not to share, shows a teenage boy walking on a grass area in a housing estate near the school, pursued by a group of other students wearing the distinctive red and black colours of Beaufort College in Navan, a town 60km from the capital Dublin. First, one student punches the boy in the head, which emboldens others to attack him from behind. The boy tries to get away but falls to the ground where he is repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on by up to five other students as he tries to crawl to safety. The attack reportedly happened because the 14-year-old is gay.


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