Brazil’s crisis deepens as Bolsonaro holds on to the military for support


Brazil has kicked political drama to the curb. Between scandals, powerplay episodes, and a slew of surprising statements, the South American country has been a mainstay in news headlines recently. But now, COVID-19 is hogging the spotlight. The virus is running rampant, causing over 27,900 deaths in Brazil. There’s no health minister to take the lead in epidemic control efforts and a wave of resignations at the Health Ministry was followed by nominations of military officials to fill the gap. Now, questions are being raised about what this new arrangement means for a country that was controlled by the military for 21 years. After the designation of General Pazuello, other nominations from the military followed. The ministry now has 20 military officials and only one is a doctor. According to the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, 20 more will be appointed to strategic positions.

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