On November 10-12, True Friendships Ministry (Portuguese: Ministério Amizades Verdadeiras) held its fifth national meeting, “Sexuality and the Church in the 21st Century,” at the Brooklin Seventh-day Adventist Church in São Paulo, Brazil. Ministério Amizades Verdadeiras (MAV) is an Adventist lay effort aimed at welcoming the LGBTQ community and, in their words, offering “a Christian alternative to homosexual practice.” The event was restricted to paying attendees except on Saturday, November 11, when it was open to the public. That Saturday morning, Seventh-day Adventist Kinship Brazil and Evangelicals for Diversity with the support of Zelota Magazine demonstrated in front of the Brooklin Adventist Church protesting the event. Zelota is an independent, online Adventist journal giving voice to members in Latin America. Noting that MAV sought to “correct” or “reverse” homosexuality, demonstrators distributed flyers and held signs insisting that LGBTQ+ people are entitled to practice their faith without being forced into celibacy or heterosexual marriage.

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