ADDED ON: 03/20/2023

Bosnia: rights activists assaulted following LGBT event ban

03/19/2023 | ABC News

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Rights activists in the Serb-run part of Bosnia were assaulted late Saturday, hours after police banned an LGBT event planned there over the weekend, citing security concerns. The attack took place as the activists were leaving a meeting at the offices of the Bosnian branch of the global anti-corruption group Transparency International in Banja Luka. The meeting was organized after the event they hoped to stage in the northwestern city on Sunday to promote LGBT rights was banned by local police. The activists said a few dozen men chased them through the streets, hurling insults and punches. Before police arrived on the scene, several activists were hurt, including one who required medical attention. The Banja Luka police said law enforcement officers had escorted the activists to the police station to take their statements and were still looking for the perpetrators.


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