ADDED ON: 12/15/2019

Bishops in Germany are declaring that homosexuality is “normal”

12/15/2019 | Gay Times

Bishops in Germany have declared that homosexuality is “normal” as the Catholic Church there begins reviewing certain reforms. The Commission for Marriage and Family of the German Bishops’ Conference agreed that homosexuality is a “normal form of sexual predisposition.” They have also pledged to review topics such as the sacrament of ordination and marriage, which may lead to them endorsing same-sex marriage, and ordaining openly gay bishops. They also agreed that adultery may not always “be qualified as grave sin.” But agreement couldn’t be met everywhere. There was no consensus on “whether the magisterial ban on practiced homosexuality is still up to date” nor whether married or unmarried people were allowed to use contraceptives when having sex. A press release detailing some of the changes said: “There was also agreement that the sexual preference of man expresses itself in puberty and assumes a hetero- or homosexual orientation.


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