Bangkok’s first ‘real’ Pride parade coming up June 5


Pride month is approaching cities across the globe, including Bangkok! On June 5, the city is expected to host its first ‘real’ pride parade. Feminist activist Siri “Tata” Nilphruek said at a press conference yesterday that in the past, Bangkok’s pride parades were just street demonstrations. But this year, the organisers hope to make pride parade “an imporant event on the calendar, similar to Songkran or Loy Krathong,” said Promsorn Veerathamjari, a representative of sex workers. The parade is set to start at 4pm at Maha Uma Devi Temple, a Hindu temple sometimes called ‘Wat Khaek’ or ‘South Asian temple’ in Thai slang. The temple is located on Pan Road and Silom Road. Even though Thailand is known as a mecca of LGBT acceptance, there remains a deep conservatism in Thai society. Same-sex couples are unable to be legally married under Thai law. “Marriage can only be contracted between a man and a woman”, according to Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code. Currently, same sex marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, unregistered cohabitations, or any other form of same-sex union remain off the books. But Bangkok’s LGBT activists are working for change.

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