Argentina’s army now has a 1% transgender quota while the US still bans transgender service members


While the U.S. still bans transgender people from serving in the military, a new employment quota for Argentina’s army will soon require the service’s personnel to be at least 1% transgender. A decree signed by President Alberto Fernández this past September required “a proportion of not less than 1% of the total number” of public sector jobs to be set aside for transgender people “who meet the conditions of suitability.” Now a memo has been sent to officers in Ejército argentino (EA, the Argentine army) asking to report on the number of transgender people already employed in their units and informing them that they, too, will be required to meet the quota. The Ministry of Defense said that this is the first official message on the subject, even though it has already been discussed for some time. “Ninety percent [of people in the military] are against it, but they will have to comply with the decree,” one source in the Ministry told Deutsche Welle. The unnamed source said that many – presumably cisgender – people in the military worry about transgender officers “who later will have a rank” and “will in be charge.”

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