ADDED ON: 02/01/2020

Appeal to Tunisia: End prosecution of LGBT activist who offended Muslims

01/31/2020 | Rights Africa

The human rights group Human Rights Watch is urging Tunisian authorities to drop their lawsuit against LGBT rights activist Mounir Baatour, who wrote a Facebook post last year that offended conservative Muslims. Tunisian authorities should drop the prosecution of a prominent activist on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights (LGBT) over a post on Facebook perceived as offensive to Islam. The counterterrorism prosecutor of the First Instance Court in Tunis opened an investigation on November 6, 2019, into Mounir Baatour, a lawyer and president of Shams, a group that defends sexual minorities, on charges of incitement to hatred, discrimination, and violence. On November 4, Baatour had reposted on his own page content from a Facebook page called “The Untold in Islam,” accusing the Prophet Mohamed of being a rapist and a killer, and crudely deriding his sexual life.


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