Anti-LGBTQ+ bill currently in consideration stage


The proposed Anti-LGBTQ+ bill in Ghana has caused debate, conversations, and controversy both in Ghana and beyond. At its core, the bill aims to address issues related to same-sex relationships and activities in Ghana. However, its introduction has ignited discussions about human rights, freedom of expression, and the role of government in regulating personal autonomy and same-sex marriages. Ghana, like many other countries in Africa, has a complex history regarding LGBTQ+ rights. Same-sex relationships and activities are largely stigmatized and criminalized under Ghanaian law. In the past, being part of the LGBTQ+ community was against the law in Ghana, but it wasn’t fully enforced, this made the LGBTQ+ community feel safe compared to other African countries. Recently, there have been a lot more conversations about the LGBTQ+ community, with religious groups pushing for even stricter rules against them. Subsequently, a new bill against LGBTQ+ is pushing through parliament. It suggests not just 5-year jail terms for the LGBTQ+ community, but even harsher punishments for anyone who supports or speaks up for gay rights.

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