African youths are divided on LGBTQ rights, new survey finds


A recent survey spanning 15 African nations has unveiled a striking divide in the attitudes of the continent’s youth toward LGBTQ rights, shedding light on the intricate challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals across Africa. Conducted by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, the survey engaged with 4,500 respondents aged 18 to 24, delving into their opinions on LGBTQ rights. Surprisingly, nearly three out of five participants expressed disagreement when asked about their country’s stance on protecting LGBTQ rights. This divergence, often passionately voiced, showcases the nuanced viewpoints within Africa’s young population. Homosexuality remains criminalised in over 30 of Africa’s 54 countries, making the continent a challenging terrain for LGBTQ rights. In countries like Somalia, Somaliland, Mauritania, and Northern Nigeria, homosexuality can be met with the death penalty – a stark reminder of the precarious state of equality in these regions.


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