ADDED ON: 03/05/2022

ABC’s James Longman on Russia Bringing Back the Iron Curtain

3/4/22 | Advocate

As Russian President Vladimir Putin presses hard on his invasion of Ukraine, the world is almost collectively turning against him, and that might be fine with Putin, who may be in the process of pulling down the Iron Curtain back down again and isolating his citizens. In an emergency session Wednesday, the United Nations voted overwhelmingly for a resolution condemning Russia and calling for the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine. The vote was a lopsided 141 for to five against, with 35 countries abstaining. No surprise that Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, and Syria joined Russia in voting against it. The U.N. vote was the latest in a series of resolutions, sanctions, business moves, and no-fly zones designed to further isolate Russia. The Russian stock market has tanked, the Russian ruble dropped to its lowest value ever (less than a penny), and sanctions on its central bank caused it to withdraw from the European market. It can be difficult to determine what’s really happening in the country because of Russia’s crackdown on its state-run media as well as the constant flow of lies spills out from its government. For some clarity and an honest appraisal, I reached out via Zoom to the out ABC News foriegn correspondent James Longman, who has been covering Russia’s premeditated and horrific assault on Ukraine. Longman is on the ground in Moscow, literally working almost around the clock. I asked Longman about what life is like in Moscow right now. Does he feel that the Russian population is coming to grips with what’s happening? “There is a significant minority that is aware of what is really going on, however, ever so slowly, more Russians are beginning to become aware of the fact that there is a war,” he said. “Even though it is 2022, remarkably people can still be cut off from the truth and that’s what’s happening here.”


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