ADDED ON: 03/31/2021

“Still labelled ‘others’, Nepal’s LGBTQIA+ people pin hopes on census “

03/30/2021 | Online Khabar

“Who are you?” is probably the easiest and the most difficult question to answer, depending on how one chooses to explain. For always, society has shaped individuals to answer the question based on their family ties and societal status. While that has been the truth before, people today prefer to shape their own identity for who they are, as an individual. Doing so has been easier for some and unnecessarily hard for others; particularly those who do not identify with the heterosexual, binary division of the society. Although the Nepali society is not new to the idea of different sexual orientations, social acceptance of anyone who identifies beyond the binary gender division is hard to find, say stakeholders. Although Nepal has some progressive provisions for the people belonging to minority gender groups, the lack of frameworks, rules and regulations, guidelines and their implementation coupled with the heterosexual norms make it hard for people to come out of the closet and have their identity. However, some stakeholders working for them say they have some hopes that the upcoming national census, being held after 10 years, will give them some aid by letting people belonging to diverse sexual groups an opportunity to reveal and record their identity officially, albeit as ‘others’. This, they say, will help them claim their equal rights and access.


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