Hello! My name is Joey (he/him/his) and I am registered to vote in Cambridge, Massachusetts! I moved to Cambridge in the Spring of 2019, and recently moved to a new apartment in a different area of Cambridge than I had been living in prior. Given that it’s an election year, along with changing my parking address, billing address, etc., I was chiefly concerned with making sure my voting information was in order. I’ve been registered since I turned 18, and when I moved to Massachusetts I made sure to re-register here. Initially, I just did a google search for “voter registration Massachusetts” and the top link was the Secretary of State’s website. After I had done that, I went to vote.org to apply for a mail-in ballot. I filled out the form and they emailed me a PDF that I needed to finish. I then had to take the PDF and bring it in or mail it in to get my ballot. I decided to see where my new voting location was, because at my old address, it was at an elementary school right around the corner from me, so I was curious if it was still there. I went back to the Secretary of State’s website to look, and it turns out that my new polling location is at a branch of the library across the park from my new apartment, which is as convenient as could be. So, this fall, I will be voting in person.

Voting is important to me because it’s a simple thing I can do to express my views on the direction of both my state and country! I’m trying to be more intentional on researching local, down-the-ballot candidates, because those matter just as much as big, national elections. There’s a lot at stake for LGBTI people in this election, but as a white gay male I’m even more concerned about trans members of the community and women, so I want to make sure that I’m doing my part to guarantee the right decisions are being made for our country.

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