Hello! My name is Emille (she/her) and I am a registered Washington, D.C. voter. The D.C. Board of Elections has opted for mail-in ballots, with the option to vote in person, and drop your ballot off in person at designated polling locations. I have confirmed with the D.C. Board of Elections that my ID, address, D.O.B., and signature are all registered and ready to go. The Board of Election sent out small postcards confirming addresses to send ballots. I plan to fill out my ballot at home and then drop my ballot off in person with my mask on and ID in hand! As a person who identifies as queer, being in a marginalized community means that we have to look out for others who are members of marginalized communities. The intersections of race, gender identity, sexual identity, and socio-economic standing have been highlighted during this election cycle. These intersections not only impact how we vote, but how we navigate our lives in this world. Hoping for high turnout all around!

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