Help LGBTI Bahamians

As images and stories of the unimaginable destruction Hurricane Dorian brought to the Bahamas begin to emerge, the need to help is obvious.

What is not so obvious is the way that disaster relief often does not reach those most in need due to the social marginalization they experience before a natural disaster like Hurricane Dorian strikes.

When the millions of dollars individuals donate to support devastated communities are distributed, the needs of LGBTI Bahamians will be unknown to – or actively ignored by – the large international NGOs that receive the vast majority of humanitarian relief donations.


This simple fact of discrimination amplified by natural disaster is the reason Alturi is joining with the Rustin Fund to support Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) Coalition, the largest indigenous charity working in the area of human rights and sexual and reproductive health across the Caribbean region. With your support we can provide displaced LGBTI persons in the Bahamas with safe and friendly temporary housing. This is a direct lifeline of support managed by CVC through LGBTI groups in the Bahamas ensuring emergency funds quickly reach those most in need.

Every gift – no matter the size – can make a lasting difference in the life of an LGBT person trying to survive as the Bahamas starts to rebuild.

  • $15 Provides emergency food and water
  • $25 Provides clothing for a dislocated individual
  • $50 Supports long-term relocation
  • $100 Supports the ability of field workers to respond to urgent needs
  • $250 Helps rebuild the homes of dislocated folks

Will you help extend a lifeline to LGBTI Bahamians?

For those in need,
Team Alturi

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