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March 28, 2024


Another US homophobe appears in Uganda to support anti-LGBTQ agenda

Erasing 76 Crimes – American homophobe and extremist Ayo Kimathi is in Uganda to promote hate against the LGBTQI+ community in support of the Anti- Homosexuality Act (AHA) 2023. Kimathi touched down at Entebbe International Airport on March 14 and went to Fair Way Hotel where he was appearing on The Pan-African Pyramid, a discussion forum and television show about African nationalism, the next day. Prior to his arrival, Kimathi shared a video on social media in which he declared Uganda as a battlefield against homosexuality.

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Singapore Psychological Society denounces conversion therapy, advocates affirmative treatment for LGBTQ clients

Yahoo! News – SINGAPORE — The Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) has denounced “conversion therapy”, the practice of trying to change or suppress the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQ people, calling it ineffective and harmful to individuals, and recommends that psychologists use evidence-based therapy to help LGBTQ clients.

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Gay Man Jailed in Qatar Provisionally Freed Pending Investigation

Mamba Online – A gay British-Mexican, who was entrapped by police in Qatar on Grindr, has been provisionally released from prison after a global campaign for his freedom. Manuel Guerrero Aviña was arrested and jailed in the capital Doha by local police after being lured to a meeting on 4 February. A former British Airways manager, the 44-year-old was allegedly denied access to his ARV medication which, as a man living with HIV, put his health and life at risk.

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Georgia’s ruling party proposes new law cracking down on LGBT rights

Reuters – Georgia’s ruling party on Monday introduced a bill curtailing LGBT rights, a move seen by opponents as an attempt to boost its popularity ahead of elections in the conservative South Caucasus country, a candidate for European Union membership. The draft law would ban sex changes and adoption by same-sex couples, as well as prohibiting “gatherings aimed at popularising same-sex family or intimate relationships”, according to a summary published by the Georgian Dream party.

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Two bar workers in Russia become first people charged under anti-LGBTQ+ law

The Guardian – A Russian court has ordered two bar workers to be placed in custody, accusing them of roles in an “extremist organisation”, under new legislation criminalising the LGBTQ+ community. It is the first criminal case of its kind since Russia banned the so-called “international LGBT movement” in November. “The court chose a preventive measure for the art director and administrator of the Pose bar,” the Orenburg tribunal said.

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This is the full, shocking story of the decade-long destruction of LGBTQ+ rights in Putin’s Russia

Pink News – On March 22 2024, Russia’s financial watchdog added the “LGBT movement” to its “terrorists and extremists” blacklist, the most recent move in a crackdown on LGBTQ+ rights in the country that has lasted over a decade. The Rosfinmonitoring watchdog has the power to freeze bank accounts of specific entities named on the list. This closely follows the first convictions under Russia’s new anti-LGBTQ+ law, put forward in November 2023, which declared the “international public LGBT movement” (which does not exist) to be an extremist group.

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Mexico: Attacked For Being A Lesbian, Imprisoned For Self-Defense

It’s Going Down – A call for solidarity and mutual aid for Chío in the State of Mexico. Chío has spent the last 11 months in prison for defending herself against a lesbophobic attack. From Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, Chío is a young woman who enjoys playing soccer and spending afternoons with her family, friends and loved ones. On the afternoon of April 2, 2023, Chío was out with her then-girlfriend for a walk like any other day in Nicolás Romero, State of Mexico, when a group of men approached her to insult her and start beating her and her partner for no reason. It was an obvious lesbophobic attack.

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Amid book bans, DEI cuts and ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws, 7 states will mandate LGBTQ-inclusive curricula

NBC News – Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, signed a law last week that includes a mandate for the state’s public schools to teach LGBTQ history, as red and blue states continue to diverge on whether schools should expose kids to gay and transgender identities. The new law, Senate Bill 5462, mandates that the state’s school districts adopt curricula that is as “culturally and experientially diverse as possible”.

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Call for government to scrap controversial religious schools rule

9News – Religious schools would lose the right to expel teachers and students over their sexuality or gender identity under recommendations in a new report. The Australian Law Reform Commission was tasked with providing a pathway to prevent discrimination against LGBT teachers and students. Its findings put renewed pressure on the Albanese government to axe a controversial exemption for religious schools in discrimination law.

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Landmark report calls for removal of LGBTQ+ discrimination exemptions for Australia’s religious schools

The Guardian – Blanket exemptions allowing religious schools to discriminate against staff and students on the basis of sexuality and gender identity should be repealed, a key report to the federal government has recommended. The long-awaited report from the Australian Law Reform Commission, released on Thursday, says the institutions should be allowed to preference staff in line with their beliefs so long as it is proportionate and “reasonably necessary” to maintaining a community of faith and does not breach existing discrimination laws.

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