Mamikon Hovsepyan’s goal is “a society where the human rights of all Armenians are protected and everyone is accepted regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.” It’s that simple....
Pink Armenia: Creating a Safe Space for LGBTI People
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“My dream is to get married and be able to guarantee my partner the right to stay on the small piece of land I have.” When Valeria Rodriguez heard this request from...
Instituto Nice Creates Opportunities for Trans Brazilians
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Guatemala occupies an important place in the current controversy over US immigration policy. Along with its neighbors, El Salvador and Honduras, the Central American country is highlighted as a source of mass...
'Visibles' Shine a Light on LGBTI Rights in Guatemala
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Tonga is distinguished for being the sole monarchy in the South Pacific. This unique status has been a blessing for the indigenous transgender community in the archipelago. Adopting the local name of...
Tonga's Leitis in Waiting
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As the Indian Supreme Court considers overturning Section 377 of the penal code — effectively decriminalizing homosexual conduct for an estimated 20% of all LGBTI people on the planet — a victory...
'Evening Shadows' Give Way to Light
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  “The government’s threats against civil society are also possibilities to make our work more well known. That is what we are doing.” -Bea SándorHáttér Society Executive Board Member Like the United...
Háttér Society Seizes Opportunity as Hungary Closes
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Bill to Ban LGBT Discrimination to Be Proposed by Tokyo Metro. Gov't

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is set to propose the first ordinance bill including a stipulation to prohibit discrimination against LGBT and other sexual minorities to...

How Australia's Justice Michael Kirby Helped India's First Openly Gay Prince Combat Sex Ban

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, 52, heir to the throne of Rajpipla in western Gujarat state, is India's openly gay prince. He campaigned tirelessly —...

Gay Couple Attacked with Petrol and ‘Die in a Gas Chamber’ Graffiti

A gay couple has had petrol thrown at them after unidentified attackers daubed Nazi-inspired graffiti on their home. Angelo Amato and Andrea Gardoni, who live in Stallavena, a...

After Caning Backlash, Pas Youth Warns Against Domestic, Global Lgbt Forces

PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi has warned against “strong” domestic and international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movements, citing reactions towards the recent caning...

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