ADDED ON: 05/16/2020

Mexico sees deadliest year for LGBT+ people in five years

05/15/2020 | Reuters

Mexico is seeing a surge of extreme violence toward LGBT+ people in its deadliest year in half a decade, a leading rights group said on Friday, citing cases of victims brutally stabbed and brazenly killed in public. In 2019, 117 lesbian, gay, bi and trans people were killed in Mexico, up almost a third compared with 2018 and the highest number since 2015, according to LGBT+ advocacy group Letra S. Overall in Mexico, last year was the deadliest on record, but the increase among the gay and trans community was more severe, said Alejandro Brito, Letra S director. “We’ve documented that victims are subjected to multiple forms of violence, before or even after they were murdered,” Brito said. “There is a cruelty towards the victims,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Victims have been found handcuffed, stabbed repeatedly and in public places, he said.


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