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Notes From the Margin: Intersex Rights in India

An expensive suite in an iconic seven-star hotel in South Mumbai is abuzz with activity. Anticipation and perfume mix in a thick cloud in the room outside where big names...

Georgian Soccer Star Called On to Resign from National Team for Wearing Rainbow Captain’s Band

The rainbow-colored captain’s armband that SBV Vitesse star Guram Kashia wore last week was designed to call for unity among Dutch soccer fans. In...

Suspicion that LGBT Rights are 'Western agenda' Fuels Indonesian Crackdown

Suspicion that gay rights is a "Western agenda" aimed at destroying Indonesian culture has helped fuel an unprecedented crackdown on the nation's LGBT community. As other countries in...

I Didn't Want My Mum to Know': The Men and Boys Arrested for Being Gay in Nigeria

For 23-year-old Femi*, a night out celebrating a birthday with friends ended with a month and two days in jail because...

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