Latest Global LGBTI News

Miguel Diaz-Canel: Cuba's Post-Castro President

Cuba has formally announced Miguel Diaz-Canel as the country's new president. The 57-year-old father of two was elected president of Cuba on April 19 after Raul Castro, who led the country for 10...

Amber Rudd Announces Major Fund to Help End Anti-Gay Laws in Commonwealth Countries

The UK is to spend more than £5m to encourage Commonwealth countries to reform laws that discriminate against LGBT people and women. Home Secretary Amber...

Lesbian Mums Can't Register Baby in Italy

Authorities in Turin, northern Italy, have refused to register the baby of a lesbian couple. Chiara Foglietta, a Turin councillor, underwent artificial insemination in Denmark and gave birth last...

Taiwanese LGBT Groups Upset with Passage of Anti-Gay Referendum Proposals

Taiwan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) passed three referendum proposals made by local anti-gay groups on Tuesday to bring issues of same-sex marriage and gender equality education to public...

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