Latest Global LGBTI News

Men Arrested After Raid on Gay Club in Indonesia get 2-3 Years in Prison

More than 140 men were detained after the raid in May. Most were released because homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, but 10 men...

Uganda: Police Raid Queer Kampala Film Festival

Ugandan police raided and forcibly closed the Queer Kampala International Film Festival on December 9, 2017, Human Rights Watch said today. The festival featured films and documentaries portraying the lives of lesbian,...

How 'Southeast Asian Values' Play Villain to LGBT Progress

Colonialism and religion changed how Southeast Asia related to LGBTI issues. In March 2017, President Duterte backtracked on his support for same-sex marriage in the country.  ‘That is their culture is,’...

Same-Sex Native American Couple Hopes to Break Barriers Through Dance

A same-sex couple who fell in love while performing on the pow wow dance circuit is hoping they can bring confidence to other young Native Americans grappling with...

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