Latest Global LGBTI News

Istanbul Gay Pride Activists Defy Ban, Tear Gas and Far-Right Threats

Activists gathered for gay Pride in Istanbul Sunday in defiance of a ban by authorities, and despite riot police who used tear gas to disperse crowds. Dozens turned...

The Latest: Tear gas, Checkpoints Greet LGBT Pride in Turkey

Turkish police have prevented people from gathering in large numbers for LGBT pride in Istanbul as small groups continue to make ad hoc demonstrations despite a ban issued...

Global Pride Parades Celebrate, Demand LGBT Rights

This week, people took to the streets in nations around the world to celebrate gay pride, and to protest threats to LGBT rights. See photos from this global event.

LGBT Rights Falter in Singapore, Flourish in Socialist Vietnam

LGBT rights in the global financial capital are murky at best, while Vietnam has been pegged as one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in Asia. A global metropole, the...

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