Latest Global LGBTI News

Tokyo Temple Offers Graves for Same-sex Couples

A Buddhist temple in Tokyo has devised a grave that can be shared by sexual minorities and their partners. The temple, Shodaiji in Edogawa Ward, is receiving an increasing number...

Why this Advocate is Blasting Caribbean Religious Leaders for Turning to Trump

A man in St. Lucia named Bennet Charles is taking on clerical leaders across the Caribbean on behalf of the LGBTQ community. Charles is communications and...

Sweden to Offer Compensation for Transgender Sterilizations

Sweden's center-left government proposed legislation on Monday that would grant compensation to transgender men and women who had to undergo mandatory sterilization in order to have their sex legally reassigned. Transgender...

'Am I next?': Killings in El Salvador Leave Transgender People in Fear

SAN JUAN TALPA, El Salvador, March 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Every time the neighbourhood dogs bark at night, Teresa, a 44-year-old transgender woman in...

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