Latest Global LGBTI News

These Are the UK’s Most Powerful LGBTI People

It looks like veteran actor Sir Ian McKellen remains a shining light when it comes to the most powerful LGBT people in the UK. In previous years, the Pride Power list comprised the most...

Trudeau Says Government Can Do Better for LGBTI Syrian Refugees

When he was first elected, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately set about letting in thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada, to much international acclaim. LGBTI Syrians were one...

LGBTI Community: Police Neglecting Hate Crimes

The LGBT community in Denmark has argued that the police do not take cases involving hate crimes against sexual minorities seriously enough. The contention by the sexual minority advocacy organisation LGBT Danmark...

Argentines March Against the Murder of Women and LGBTI Leaders

Latin America accounted for 78 percent of the 1,731 murders of transgender and gender-diverse people reported worldwide between Jan. 2008 and Dec. 2014. Argentina saw its first national action against the...

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