Latest Global LGBTI News

India’s First LGBT Student Leader

Section 377- Something that made life for Indian LGBTQ+A Community miserable. Many Queer parades happened this year and a lot of debate on the topic exists. Amidst the ongoing debate on IPC Section...

Texas Mother of Trans Son Feels ‘Forgotten’ After State Officials Support Anti-LGBT Bill

Amber Briggle believes family can change anything. Her family changed when she realized her child, MG, who was assigned female at birth, was actually transgender....

NBA Player Popovich Handles Trump LGBT Question in Mexico

It is no secret that many Mexican citizens are concerned by the results of the presidential election held north of their border last November. Considering the harsh rhetoric U.S....

The Author of Russia’s Gay Propaganda Law Is Now Pushing to Let Men Beat Their Wives

Russia’s Parliament has greenlit a law from the author of Russia’s law banning so-called ‘gay propaganda’ law – this time to make...

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