Latest Global LGBTI News

What is Two Spirit? The Term Used by indigenous North American and First Nations People with Masculine and Feminine Spirits

Two Spirit is a term used by non-binary Indigenous North American and First Nations people to represent...

‘The mouth is for eating’: Uganda’s President Warns Against Oral Sex

Uganda’s president has warned the country’s citizens not to engage in “outsider” sexual practices such as oral sex. In a televised press conference, President Yoweri Museveni...

#IamGay Backlash a Rare Win for China's LGBTI Community

 China's gay community scored a victory after a massively popular social media platform reversed a ban on "homosexual" content, but challenges remain in a country where LGBTI culture...

Falsehoods in Kenyan Newspaper Trigger Anti-gay Abuses

It could have been an informative newspaper article about an anti-AIDS clinic serving LGBTI people in West Kenya. Instead, the reporter’s error-filled, scare-mongering account of a visit to the clinic...

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