Latest Global LGBTI News

Kazakh Feminist Activist Fined for Menstruation Campaign

Zhanar Sekerbayeva, co-founder of the feminist group Feminita, was ordered to pay a fine of 30 euros by a court in the Central Asian republic's largest city of Almaty, an...

Brazil’s ‘Queer Museum’ Set to Reopen

Brazil’s “queer museum,” forced to close last year after conservatives attacked it for allegedly promoting pedophilia, blasphemy, and bestiality, is reopening in the shadow of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the...

Protesters Vs. Petitioners: Dispute over Tunisia’s Anti-gay Law

Thousands of Muslim fundamentalists protested Saturday in front of the nation’s parliament to decry proposals in a government report on gender equality that they claim are contrary to Islam. Men...

Transgender Girl Demeaned, Threatened by Parents at Oklahoma School Is Moving to Texas

The 12-year-old transgender girl who was bullied and threatened by parents at her Oklahoma school is moving to Texas. Maddie, who was assigned male at birth, has...

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