Latest Global LGBTI News

Bangladesh: A Year Later, Killers of Gay-Rights Activists Remain at-Large

A year after Muslim extremists burst into a Dhaka apartment and killed gay-rights activists Xulhaz Mannan and Mahbub R. Tonoy, relatives are losing hope that the killers will...

Putin Shrugs as Chechnya Tortures, Kills Gay Men

Chechnya's strongman, Ramzan Kadyrov, hardly skipped a beat when it was revealed that his security forces were kidnapping and torturing gay men in the republic. Instead of investigating and punishing...

Eastern Europe Must Break its Silence on Russia's Anti-gay Campaign

By now, news of the vicious anti-LGBT campaign in the Russian republic of Chechnya has made its way around the world. The evidence is clear. Hundreds of men...

Sen. Marco Rubio Condemns Antigay Violence in Chechnya

From the U.S. Senate floor, Marco Rubio took a stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin and denounced the Chechen leaders who are denying reports that gay men are being persecuted...

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