Latest Global LGBTI News

Caribbean Religious Leaders Write Trump

Two hundred and eighty-nine religious officials from the Caribbean have written to United States President, Donald Trump, expressing concern about the promotion of LGBT and intersex rights abroad. The religious officials are from...

Malaysia Will Not Censor 'Power Rangers' Because of Gay Character
The Lionsgate reboot, which features a gay hero, appears to have escaped the fate of 'Beauty and the Beast,' which became a major cause of controversy in...

State to be a Trendsetter in Promoting Gay Rights?

Thiruvananthapuram: In a major step to include LGBT community into the mainstream, the state government is mulling on bringing in an amendment to Section 377 of the IPC, which...

China’s LGBT Youth Face Lots of Bullying, Little Acceptance

“I’m used to being called a faggot or a pervert,” said Sun, who is now a junior at a university in central China’s Henan province. There’s one instance from...

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