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Ugandan Police Block Pride After Government Minister Declares it Illegal

Gay Pride celebrations in Uganda this week were reportedly disrupted and blocked by police officers after a government official declared that the event was illegal. Gay rights activist 

Serbian Religious Leaders Hold Citywide 'exorcism' after Belgrade Pride

Belgrade held their largest Pride parade to date on Sept. 18, however some religious officials thought the celebration was so sacrilegious that they had to clear the city of...

Rural Support Found to be Lacking for LGBTI Indigenous Youth

A new study is exploring how to provide better support for LGBT Indigenous youth, or two-spirit people, on their home reserves and in rural communities in the Maritimes....

Campaign Against Hungarian Migrant Referendum References ISIS

A Hungarian LGBTI advocacy group’s campaign against a referendum on whether the country should reject European Union migrant quotas includes a picture of Islamic State militants executing a man who was...

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