Latest Global LGBTI News

LGBT Pride March Celebrates Diversity in Guatemala

Thousands of people took to the streets here for an LGBT pride march, demanding equality and an end to sexual discrimination and homophobia in the South American nation. Several LGBT rights groups in Guatemala, accompanied by...

LGBT Activists March in Belgrade Pride Parade Amid High Security Presence

Around 100 activists and their supporters, escorted by police, took to the streets of Belgrade to celebrate gay pride on June 23. According to reports, no...

Should LGBTQ Identity be Proud to Be Mainstream?

They’ve got gay marriage, can’t they just get on with it now? This and similar sentiments start to swirl around the edges of a certain kind of conversation as...

Kenya Takes Steps to Recognize Intersex People

Kenya is beginning to recognize people who identify as intersex, meaning they are born with genitalia, chromosomes or reproductive organs that don’t fit the typical definitions of male or female....

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