Latest Global LGBTI News

Dua Lipa Speaks Out About Brazil’s Anti-LGBT Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro

Singer Dua Lipa and other musicians have spoken out against Brazil’s anti-LGBT presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. The politician, who is a frontrunner in the presidential race, has...

LGBT Activist Reportedly "Lynched" in Greece

A Greek LGBT activist died on Saturday, an alleged victim of a lynch mob, but officials say only a full medical investigation will determine a broader picture of how he died. Zak Kostopoulos,...

Romanian Newspaper Compares LGBT+ Activists to Nazis

A leading Romanian newspaper has been condemned for a front page which featured a drag queen in a Nazi uniform. The image on the front of România Liberă, which also...

Malaysian Leader Condemns ‘Unfair’ Gay Sex Law Used to Imprison Him

The leader of Malaysia’s ruling coalition has called for a review of the country’s gay sex ban. Anwar Ibrahim served a total of eight years in...

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