Latest Global LGBTI News

Royal Wedding: Bishop’s Church Threatened with Expulsion from Anglican Communion for Embracing Same-Sex Marriage

Bishop Michael Curry made waves at the Royal Wedding after showing his stance on equality – which has even caused his church to...

Hong Kong's Behind-Closed-Doors Gay Weddings

It was a day Alvin Chan and his partner C.P. So had never imagined possible -- tying the knot in front of cheering family and friends in Hong Kong. Apprehensive about holding a...

Liberia’s LGBT Community Seek Rights Ahead of Int’l Day against Homophobia

In Liberia, mentioning the rights of homosexual and bi-sexual is considered a taboo, while engaging in such practice is a criminal act under the law. 

Britain Reaching 'Peak Acceptance' for LGBT Rights, Study Finds

A successful gay businessman has criticised a university report suggesting a slowdown in tolerance of homosexuality among ethnic minorities, saying it was "offensive" to claim tolerance was on the decline....

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