Latest Global LGBTI News

Kenya Just Banned A Humiliating And Painful Exam For Men Suspected Of Being Gay

Forcing men to undergo anal examinations just because they are suspected of being gay has been ruled illegal by a court in Kenya....

The Majority of the LGBT Asylum Seekers in Spain are Moroccans

The Spanish Refugees Aid Commission (CEAR) has published its 2017 data, indicating that Spain has accepted 595 asylum applications, almost twice the number of what was...

'Twice Difficult': One Activist Shares Her Experience Of Fighting For LGTBQ Rights in Bolivia

Ten years ago, Bolivian activist Silene Salazar noticed a lack of female voices in the LGBTQ movement in her country. As a lesbian and a...

Nigeria: Time To Re-Think Opposition To LGBT Rights

For sometime, Nigerian state ambassadors have continued to rehearse worn out narratives, baselessly arguing that the rights of LGBT persons were antithetical to religious and cultural values. At a...

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