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Two Teenage Girls in South Africa Have Been Expelled for Kissing

Two South African girls have been expelled for kissing each other. The teenagers were thrown out of Durban’s Inanda Seminary, a private Christian boarding...

Devout and Gay: Faith vs Sexuality

By the afternoon of July 12, the lawyers of the 34 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender petitioners and intervenors, including parents of queer persons and mental health professionals, had wrapped up...

Russian Police Detain About 25 LGBTI Rights Advocates

During a rally in St. Petersburg to promote LGBTI rights, about 25 people were forced into police vans and detained.  Although the gathering on the square had been banned, about...

Minister in Poland Calls LGBTI March a 'parade of sodomites'

Poland's right-wing defense minister has used the term "sodomites" to describe those who took part in a weekend LGBT pride parade. Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said Sunday...

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