Latest Global LGBTI News

More Than 80% of Russians Consider Gay Sex 'Reprehensible'

More than 80% of Russians consider gay sex ‘reprehensible’, according to a new poll. New research has revealed how a vast majority of Russian people are against homosexuality,...

Tunisian LGBT Association to Hold First Festival in MENA Region

The Tunisian association Mawjoudin was created in 2014 to fight against gender and sexual orientation discrimination. “Mawjoudin LGBT Film Festival,” which is due on January...

Liberal Churches Boosted by LGBT Weddings as Couples Join Their Congregations

Churches should hold gay weddings in order to 'market' themselves to potential new worshippers, a study has found.  Academics in the University of Leeds and York...

Some Dark Clouds Still Linger Over Hong Kong for Rainbow Action Founder Tommy Chen

Veteran gay rights campaigner Tommy Chen claims to have founded the “first LGBT community centre in Asia” while fresh out of university in...

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